Chilima invites Mtambo to a separate meeting for his Ministry set up, Msungama told to come back with youth inclusive reforms

Vice President Saulos Chilima has advised Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Timothy Mtambo that he should have a separate meeting with him to help him set up his ministry.


In a daily report on reforms posted yesterday on his official page, Chilima said Mtambo’s Ministry has only outlined three reforms.


“The Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity, whose mandate is to civic educate Malawians on various social and economic issues has outlined three reform areas that include institutional and legal reforms being a new ministry.”


“However, I have since advised the Minister that we should have a separate meeting to discuss the setup of the ministry and a further roadmap of the reforms that the new ministry will be embarking on,” he posted.


Addressing Minister of Youth and Sports, Chilima expressed dismay to note that the Youth Minister did not have any reforms to do with the youth, despite the youth making up 70% of the population in Malawi.


“I met with the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Ulemu Msungama on the six reform areas that the ministry is undertaking. These include the establishment of a sports marketing department, revision of management structure for sports, establishment of a National Sports Development Fund and development of standard guidelines for sports infrastructure.”


“It was, however, unfortunate to note that the Youth Department did not have any reform areas when the youth constitute over 70 percent of the country’s population. To this effect, I also suggested that a ministry that focuses on the youth should not lack funding because that is tantamount to ignoring 70 percent of the population,” said SKC.


The Veep then asked Msungama to go back and work on reforms that actually include and help the youth, a core focus of his ministry.


“I challenged the ministry to take advantage of the K75 billion loan that the administration of His Excellency Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, President of the Republic, will be implementing so that the youth must benefit. The ministry should stand out as representatives of the biggest demographic group in the country,” said Chilima, adding that “as a way forward, I have advised the ministry to categorise the six areas of reform that the ministry presented into administrative, legislative and functional and then resubmit for further review.”


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