Chakwera Reviews his super Hi-5 agenda through a Report


By Blessings Mtika

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has through his Facebook page produced a report on the Tonse government’s super Hi-5 agenda after 70 days he has been in power.

Chakwera started with servant leadership where he pointed out that he oriented his cabinet on deliberation of the transformative agenda of this administration. He also met ministers of Natural resources, homeland security, health, foreign affairs and national unity to track the progress on set targets. Chakwera also staed his attendance at SADC where he accepted the duty of serving as a chairperson of SADC from August 2021.

On uniting Malawians, the president stated that he met chiefs of Mzimba and Nkhatabay districts on unity of government and traditional leaders. He also hosted leaders of Asian-Malawian community on commitment to national reconciliation and business integrity. On the same he said he met Bishops to formulate a joint plan to facilitate mindset change for national unity and transformation.

Another point he tackled was prospering together where he said he attended a Webinar to attract foreign investment. He also indicated the he met the national planning commission for progress on development plans and launched national development conference. He added that he spoke to millennium challenge corporation to revitalize Malawi’s power Supply

Chakwera also looked at ending corruption where he said he inspected area 18 interchange to avoid wasting resources. He also tackled the issues of using National address to send messages against corruption and finally suspending MEDEF loans until auditing is completed.

Lastly the president finished with unity where he talked about reinstating general Vincent Nundwe as commander, working with ministers of education and transport to reopen school’s and airport and delivering his first SONA in the parliament

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