Chakwera challenged to bankroll anti-corruption institutions

By Duncan Kaonga

National Anti- Corruption Alliance-NACA has challenged president Lazarus Chakwera to tackle issues against corruption and demonstrate a political will in the fight against corruption in his maiden national address.

The state president is expected to deliver his debut State of National Address(SONA) at Parliament building in Lilongwe on Friday.

In an interview with Akometsi, Executive director for NACA, Moses Mkandawire said Chakwera should put much effort in his SONA on persecutions and asset recovery.

“What we expect on Friday is a commitment that would be put on paper in addressing the very same vice we are talking about particularly to how we are going to capacitate institutions of governance that help in curbing corruption in the country,” said Mkandawire

Mkandawire further called on the president to fully fund the Anti Corruption Bereau(ACB) which is failing to execute it’s duties due to the funding aspect.

“The biggest challenge that we have observed, is that the ACB as an institution that plays a critical role in curbing corruption is failing to a large extent prosecuting so many cases because they don’t have lawyers in presecution department, that is why we are saying in capacitating the ACB will help in having more procecutors which will help in addressing the issue at hand,” he said

The NACA top guru also said as the president speaks to the nation on Friday, the Parliament will have to go and look at what the president has delivered and they expect the outcomes in the August house budget meeting is to see more resources going to institutions like ACB, Fiscal Police and financial intelligence unit.

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