Chakwera cautioned on reopening of schools: urged to check his haste

By Tsar Don

Private practicing doctors have cautioned President Lazarus Chakwera on his announced decision to reopen schools early September, citing that, there are still more unchecked corona virus cases in communities across the country.

Dr. Noel Nthala of Chizaso med care centre told akometsi that Malawi health issues require necessary Patience because any haste leads to regrettable repercussions.

“Much as there’s pressure from people for schools to reopen but I feel like the environment is not favorable. There are a lot of untraceable cases in our communities, especially in the rural areas,” said Nthala.

“Mind you, there are many people even in town who doesn’t believe that corona virus is in our midst and are not following public health guidelines. It is a risk. Remember, we don’t do experiment on people,” he added.

President Chakwera made a revelation during his weekly public update on Saturday that his administration is mulling over reopening of schools early September.

According to the sixth Malawi head of state, the taskforce on reopening of school will from this week start conducting survey on how schools are prepared for the reopening amid the crisis.

In a related development, some political commentators have urged president Chakwera to check his haste in making decisions at all levels citing that, some of the decisions he is making are unbecoming. There has been some flip-flopping in decision making on a number of crucial leadership issues and one of recent was on the number restrictions in public gatherings like funeral. The President attended a funeral ceremony where the very presidential mandate was broken barely a few days from its issuing.

Leader of the reformed Young Politician Union, Mzuzu chapter, Davis Zulu, lamented the aged tendency by political authorities of making experimental decisions before consulting Malawians.

“After they goof that’s when they reverse their decisions. That is bad. They’ve to be consulting Malawians first if they’re really servant leaders,” said Zulu.

Meanwhile, there are mixed reactions on the decision by President Chakwera to reopen schools as corona virus cases continue to escalate in the country.



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