‘Cash madam’ to appear before magistrate court today

Cash Madam is popular for her lavish lifestyle she's lived ever since coming on public scenes

By Caphus Limbie

The Magistrate Court is today expected to decide whether to release on bail  multi-millionaire Dorothy Shonga popularly known as ‘cash madam’ who is facing a potential life sentence if found guilty having been charged with money laundering and fraud over the MERAgate scandal together with her partner, Collins Magalasi.


Dorothy Shonga a.k.a cash madam appearing before court answering fraud charges

Section 42 of the Malawi’s Financial Crimes Act passed in 2017 sets a maximum of life imprisonment for a person who commits money laundering.

Shonga who owns DC Brand Cloud a local branding and marketing company was arrested on Monday 27th July, 2020. There are a lot of high profile names with connections to the previous government who are answering fraud charges where a lot of taxpayer monies have been mercilessly swindled from government coffers. No final court ruling has been given yet to any of these high profile names.

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