BUSTED! corrupt immigration officers to be unmasked in Mzuzu

Corrupt immigration officers are to be exposed at Mzuzu offices and names to be presented to the Anti-corruption body.

Some concerned Malawian migrants have reacted on corruption at immigration, saying, they are ready to name all corrupt immigration officers at the Mzuzu office.

Confiding in Akometsi, some concerned migrants highlighted that officers at the service centre usually hide passports and demand bribes from owners before the can release their traveling documents.

“If you don’t pay, they don’t give you the passport. We’re very tired with the thievery. Officers at the service centre are very corrupt. I’m ready to parade evidence on this. I can even point them one by one,” fumed Chance Mgemezulu, a traveler.

STOP corruption! Develop Malawi.












The sentiments come in the light as reports that the country’s graft bursting body, Anti-corruption bureau (ACB) on Monday, pounced on some senior officials at the immigration head offices in pursuit of corruption issues.

According to concerned migrants, the move by ACB was a milestone towards uncovering more corruption at the department of immigration.

“These officers are crooks. They have to be arrested instantly. I’ve all their names. I’m handing them over to ACB tomorrow,” roared Timothy Soko, a transporter who carry goods for South African based Malawians.

Another revelations were bent on allegations that some immigration officers at Mzuzu offices are aiding illegal immigrants from war-torn countries.

According to Samuel Chirwa, he is ready to assist ACB and the ministry of home affairs with names of all immigration officers who are running traveling agencies for illegal immigrants in the northern region.

“I’m very ready to name them. This is a very critical issue. We’ve a lot of foreigners in the country because of these crooks. I’m ready to be a witness on their case,” he said.

This is happening at a time the ministry of homeland security is conducting operations that are aimed at bringing sanity in security departments.

Our efforts to get the departments’ reaction to the story proved futile as all attempts were denied respectively.































































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