BUSTED! Business colleges still offering on campus classes in secrecy

By staff writer

Akometsi have established that most business colleges are still offering face to face classes against government temporal suspension of schools in adherence to corona virus public health guidelines.

In Mzuzu, the Malawi College of accountancy is leading other institutions in operating these illegal classes.

Students at the college confided in Akometsi that they have never stopped attending classes since government suspended schools in the country.

“We’re preparing for our exams are slated for August to September and it was necessary that we kept on learning,” said one of the prospective business administrator on strict condition of anonymity.

A document in possession of Akometsi addressed to candidates sitting for ICAM exams state that the administration of the examinations will follow all health guidelines to prevent the spread of corona virus.

Commentators have since described the development as resulting from government poor civic management strategies.

According to the commentators, education system in Malawi is run like convenient groceries stores without proper order.


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