Bushiri humanitarian beneficiaries worried in Malawi; philanthropic preacher saved starving Malawians and Zimbabweans with maize last year

By: Staff Writer

The persecution of a philanthropic man extends to vulnerable people who solely depend on his humanitarian assistance, so goes a common maxim. In Malawi, so much as others are rejoicing at the arrests of Prophet Bushiri and his spouse, Mary, many others, especially the needy, are worried.

Hundreds of students in secondary schools and universities who are beneficiaries of his bursaries are worried. The starving people who the man of God has been rescuing from the fangs of hunger every year are afraid.

In his Facebook post, one of the most trendy gospel music performers, Scrafoc, describes how the incessant persecution of the Bushiris is impacting his life and that of thousands of youngsters who, if not for him(Bushiri), they would have gone haywire by now.

“We are who we are today because of his spiritual support,” reads part of his post.

Another student, beneficiary of Bushiri bursaries at Rumphi secondary school, took to his Facebook page, expressing worry, citing that the continued persecution of his sponsor is directly killing his spirit.

“My future may hang in balance if these evil against him continues. Some of us are attaining education courtesy of his bursaries. Other than that, we’d have withdrawn,” reads part of his relatively long post.

Some chiefs in Mzimba had some roll calls for how the youthful prophet rescued their subjects from hunger that had began claiming lives in the district.

“His cheap maize was a providential relief to our subjects who were starving. He helped save lives here,” commended village headman Qumayo

For people in Rumphi, especially Hewe, one of the hardest to reach areas in Malawi, Bushiri has been more of their true son and a father figure. Having grown up in the area, the prophet has always been supportive to the people therein.

In a telephone interview, village headman Mowa described Bushiri as a saviour in times of tribulations.

“He gave us a secondary school and supports many children in terms of fees. He deserves justice. We stand with him,” he said.

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