Blood crisis looms in Malawi: transfusion service calls for donors

By our staff writer
It has emerged that the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) is not collecting adequate blood volumes owing to Corona virus adversaries in the country.
Blood banks at the Mzuzu central hospital and other district hospitals in the northern region, unveiled that the facilities have low blood volumes.
The situation, according to authorities in such health facilities poses danger on the lives of pregnant women and other patients suffering from ailments that leads to low blood counts in their bodies.
Akometsi established, through available data at health facilities, that before Corona virus, they used to have sufficient blood volumes in their banks and MBTS was able to supply them with enough blood.
In a follow up interview, Publicist for MBTS, Mphatso Bazali acknowledged the lowering volumes of blood in hospital banks, citing that the situation has emanated from adverse effects of COVID-19.
“We collect much of our blood from schools and other organizations which are, owing to corona virus public health guidelines, closed,” said Bazali.
“For instance,” he added. “Schools. A lot of our donors are students in various education institutions. The closure of schools has led to the disruption of our transfusion services.
Bazali was, however, quickly to point out that people can still be donating blood through their offices that are spread across the country.
He said, they are also engaging different stakeholders to mull over ways that will revamp the massive donation of blood.
“We are engaging community leaders to help in facilitating the continuation of the blood transfusion. We are as well contacting our regular blood donors who are in our system via phone calls so that they still come and donate blood and continue to save lives,” he disclosed.
Blood is one of the most essential fluids in the body which, among other things, helps in transportation of food nutrients and oxygen in the body.
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