Angry village grave diggers beat up their friend after he put men’s libido powder in food

Angry villagers digging at cemetery beat up and tied their friend to a tree after discovering that he put a manpower libido powder into the food served for them at the cemetery.

According to Akometsi correspondent in Dowa, the man, James Chikhu was tasked with the duty of supervising women making food for them and when they took the food to the grave yard, he secretly put a natural manpower powder called African Power produced by Nthaka Herbal Products, a natural health life company for men’s libido.

African Power

Our reporter notes that there was chaos when the men ate the food as all of them became sexually active while on duty and could not do the job effectively. This is when it was discovered that their strong sexual arousal was as a result of the powder put into the food by James.

When confronted, he produced the remaining product and told them he wanted to test the powder if indeed it works. This angered the people who beat him up and tied him to a tree until funeral was done and was charged to pay two goats. Men still complained of the power of the powder even the following day.

Mfiti: African Power is the strongest male libido capsules we have reached out to the company making the powder through a contact number written on the bottle of the said ‘African Power’ and spoke to Godfrey Mfiti, Managing Director.

“We are hearing the news from you, but, yes, the African Power is our product which is for men’s libido which we export to Europe and many other parts of the world. On top of health suplements products, Africab Power is the strongest natural libido herbal we have for men,” he said.

Shading more on the product, Mfiti said one should never take it if they are not planning to have sex as it will seriously trouble the manhood.

Ingredients of the African Power

“You take it three hours before the action. You need to take it when sure of the pending action, otherwise, you get troubled as the manhood remains strong for the whole day until you do something about it. What the man in Dowa did is traditionally, morally wrong and that is not the purpose of our products which are naturally produced from a mixture of Gondolosi, Mkwapukwapu, Nthibulo and Vuka-vuka,” explained Mfiti.

Meanwhile, Akometsi Team is investigating the product and we have ordered some bottles for trial experiments. A detailed report should be made available once it has been tested by our team of health experts.

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