Alarming: government imposters collecting natioanal ID’s in Mzuzu

National IDs are reportedly being collected in Mzimba in the name of  the universal fertilizer subsidy data collection exercise. Akometsi news desk has been notified that some scammers posing as government officials have raided communities in Mzimba district in pursuit of collecting national IDs.

The tricksters are fooling people that they are officers from the ministry of agriculture and that they have been sent to collect national IDs from people willing to buy the universal subsidized fertilizer.

Confiding in Akometsi, some women who had already surrendered their IDs to these self- acclaimed government officials said, “we were told that for us to be able to buy the fertilizer we needed to give them our national IDs because government requires them for preparing data.” said Emily Nyirongo of traditional authority Kampingo Sibande in Mzimba.

National Registration Bureau conducting a registration exercise

Further follow up on the issue also unveiled that the scammers had spread to Mzuzu city where they also carried out a massive collection of national IDs especially from women.

In Mchengautuwa Township, hundreds of people confirmed the incident. “We heard they are from government and they were sent to collect national IDs for government to prepare for the cheap fertilizer,” said Rose Gondwe.

Block leaders in the city expressed ignorance on the issue but confirmed that most of their subjects had lost their IDs to such imposters.

Member of Parliament for the city, Bennex Mwamulima warned that people should not get carried away by such fraudsters who are masquerading as officials from ministry of agriculture.

There was no immediate comment from the ministry of agriculture on the issue but recently, the minister announced that about 4.5 million subsistence farmers will benefit from the subsidized fertilizer this year.


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