AIP an honor to campaign promises , Chakwera

By: Cyrus Bengo

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has challenged public outcry exegating the current leadership that is failing to implements its campaign promises .

Speaking today at Pirimiti ground in Zomba , during the launch of the Affordable Inputs Program AIP , Chakwera said the program is one Tonse alliance campaign promises .

He said over 4, 279 100 families across the nation will benefits from the initiative aiming at boosting the country’s enconony as it is dictated by productivity of agricultural sector.

The AIP initiative comes in after the current leadership phased out the use of coupons which was marred by irregularities forcing new government to use biometric identifications to deter middle men to benefit from it at the expense of small scale farmers.

He therefore argued famers to work extra hard as they is huge demand of maize commodity giving example of Sudan which is in need of it . Chakwera continued to say that it is his wish to reverse the status qou that certain families in the country are the only ones with money.

Earlier during briefing the president in a pavilion , farmers said they have been long dumped with unscrupulous traders who have been selling fake seeds and fertilisers . In his remarks the minister of agriculture Lobin Lowe issued stain warming to those who want to meddle the program saying the arm of the law will deal with them.

K50 kg of bag of fertiliser will be selling at approximately K5,000.00

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