Ackson Kalaile Banda donates boat to his constituency

Residents of Kabuwa in Mzimba

Residents of Kabuwa in Mzimba were in jovial with ululations yesterday when parliamentarian for the area Ackson Kalaile Banda handed over to them a 20-seater boat.

The area is in Mzimba South-East constituency, and the boat has been donated through the Disaster Department of Mbelwa District Council, and it is aimed at easing mobility challenges in the area.

Valabawo Bridge on Lupachi River was washed away, people of the area have had a very big challenge to cross especially during the rainy season.

The bridge was constructed by the missionaries’ years back.


Kalaile Banda seated with village leaders during the handover ceremony

This prompted Kalaile Banda, who is also People’s Party spokesperson to do something about it.

“Today is a happy day that I am making this donation. Let me take this opportunity to thank the Mbelwa Disaster Department through Mr. George Gopani for responding to our call for the help,” said the jovial Kalaile Banda.

“Each year here, on average, we lose about 5 expectant women due to this problem, and a boat is not a solution but just a temporary relief as the Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and the Tonse Alliance government will be looking into a long lasting solution, to address this problem by constructing a bridge which has strong standing pillars already.”

Kabuwa, where he comes, from is an area between two rivers: Dwangwa [river] that boarders Nkhotakota North-East and Lupachi, another river that boarders with Nkhotakota North.

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