A gang raped teen in Mzuzu recounts her horrific ordeal

By Staff Reporter

Stories of a girl who was raped by eight boys went viral in Mzuzu throughout the previous week. In an effort to seek the truth about this tragedy, Akometsi followed up the incident and managed to talk to the victim who lives in Chibavi Township.

The victim who we’ll call Naomi to preserve her identity is only 17 years old and a form 3 secondary student at a renowned private secondary school in the city.

As she recounts what transpired that fateful day months ago, Naomi highlights how drugs and substance abuse expose girls to sexual harassment.

“They first got me drunk with some alcohol brands which were mixed,” said Naomi. “Of course we also took some cigarettes fused with cannabis sativa.”

She added: “it was not my first time to take alcohol and cannabis. We usually take them each time we want to study.”

The boys who, according to Naomi, are all her schoolmates, took turns on her in the bushes of Bishop Dams.

“We deserted from school and were at Bishop Dams where the boys raped me. I was helpless due to my intoxicated state and couldn’t fight them off as they easily overpowered me,” said Naomi.

“By the time I regained consciousness, I was surrounded by my parents and health care workers who were attending to me,” she added. “They started asking me to recount my ordeal at the Bishop Dams.”

After she had narrated the story, her parents followed up on the eight boys who pleaded guilty to the offence but asked for forgiveness because they had done the misdeed under the influence of alcohol.

“My father took them to Mchengautuwa police station where they were locked up,” recalled Naomi. “After the news that the guys were arrested had reached their parents, they rallied to the police and pleaded with my father and mother to forgive them. My father declined the request but to our surprise, the eight boys had been let go scot free.”

Akometsi followed up the story with the officers at Mchengautuwa police unit who declined to comment on the issue.

Naomi who now has a baby girl after falling pregnant owing to the unprotected sex she was exposed to, confided in Akometsi that she is now doing business of selling flitters to support her child.

“I didn’t drop out of school because I’m still in form 3 at the same school but the only change is that this time I enrolled for night studies,” emphasised Naomi.

Incidents of boys getting girls intoxicated with intentions to rape them are becoming rampant in Mzuzu city as cases of this nature are being reported frequently.


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