A COVID-19 Survivor Champions Oxygen Plant fundraising in Mzuzu

By Blessingz Mtika

Mzuzu based man, Francis Munthali who recently recovered from COVID-19 has embarked on a project of raising funds to buy an oxygen plant for mzuzu central hospital so that oxygen should be readily available.

According to Munthali, the act of buying oxygen elsewhere is risky because not only covid 19 patients need oxygen but even others.

“Oxygen is life. Of course today we are talking about COVID-19 and oxygen is the major treatment but you also know oxygen is used in so many diseases so the hospital needs an oxygen plant quickly” said Munthali.

Commenting on the matter Mzuzu central hospital director Frank Sinyiza said having an oxygen plant will reduce costs that were incurred when buying oxygen and also it will improve patients care since oxygen will be readily available.

“It will be more cost effective, oxygen will be readily available and there will be a reduced administrative issues of buying and ordering every time which will help us in long term plan. Also the patients care will be improved”, said Sinyiza.

Meanwhile the movement “let COVID-19 patients breathe” has received a warm welcome as people are contributing through the hospital’s account to raise the required amount for the plant.



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