Namadingo raises 3million kwacha plus in 6 hours

By Blessings Mtika

Despite the delay of permit from Blantyre city council, Patience Namandingo has managed to raise over 3 million for William kachigamba’s medical treatment within 6 hours.

Namadingo started his tour at 2 o’clock where different means of donations were open. At exactly 5 o’clock he came up with an update where he stated he had raised 2.3 million kwacha which was promising.

He then came with an early update an hour later saying the money has surpassed the target.

In addition, he said he got a message through His Manager Peter Mazunda that president Lazarus Chakwera said he was going to fund the remaining part.

Earlier this morning, 26 august 2020, Namadingo announced through his page that he was going t Lilongwe to meet William Kachigamba to deliver the help.

Namadingo posed as a statue to raise funds following the request for help from William Kachigamba, a guitarist who had a big sore above his mouth due to cancer.

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