0996253330 subscriber impersonating Chakwera, demanding funds for ‘the national clean up day’

By: Staff Writer

Subscriber number 0996253330 has mastered the ascent and the voice of President Lazarus Chakwera to the extent of impersonating him in demanding funds from people.

The subscriber who akometsi have identified as Daniel Kapinga is running calls in the name and ascent of Chakwera saying he is, as a champion of ‘the national clean up day,’ raising funds towards the cause.

One of the women he dared to dupe, Veronica Chirwa, confided in akometsi that she was surprised to have received the call from the president.

“He said, as a servant leader, he can call his citizens and interact with them and, ask them their challenges or even ask for contributions towards national development,” she said.

Another young lady akometsi have spoken to, disclosed that the imposter first asked her about challenges she’s facing in life and how she would want the Tonse alliance government to weigh in.

“Thereafter, he asked me to go to the nearest airtel money agent and contribute towards the clean up week with at least a minimum of MK1000,” she said.

Akometsi called the imposter and at discovering he was been interviewed, he cut the line and blacklisted our reporter.

It is said, by Geoffrey Ziba, one of the people who would have fallen victim to the scam, that the same subscriber had called him on Friday, last week, claiming that he was an official from MASAF.

“He said, my name has been shortlisted to benefit from this years Mtukulapakhomo funds and then to show my commitment and acceptance I was supposed to send him airtel money agent code from my nearest kiosk,” said Ziba.

Langukukani Banda was told by the same dupester that his name was listed on MEDEF loans and that he needed to send, through airtel money, a processing fee of M10000 to the number.

“I knew he was a fraudster. I just ignored it,” said Langulukani.

Of late, cyber thievery is becoming rampant in the country, irrespective of the presence of cyber laws which criminalizes cyber crimes like cyber fraud.

Commentators have rubbished the laws as toothless bulldogs which are only meant for decoration.

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