“We miss DPP blessers, MCP men are stingy,” Slay Queens cry out

A number of Slay Queens in Lilongwe and Blantyre have expressed their dissatisfaction towards MCP men who they say are stingy unlike DPP Cadets who showered them with goodies of life.

A random interview by Akometsi.com reveal that most women are now unable to pay rent, support their porsh lifestyle and colour Instagram with melanin photos.

Famous Lilongwe Slay Queen Tasha attributes the new challenges to the change of leadership.

“To be honest, Cadets were making life easy for us, but now everything is hard. Most of them have gone into hiding and to make matters worse, the new guys in power are stingy. They want super services but don’t want to pay for such,” she said.

Political commentator Wonderful Mkhutche says everyone should understand that things have changed.

“I think these ladies should understand that the Tonse govt is promoting hardwork. No one is stealing from government coffers. We are all struggling and maybe they could also consider adjusting lifestyles and prices. Life is not the same. There is the issue of demand and supply,” said Mkhutche when responding to Akometsi.com.

Tonse Alliance government has cracked hard on DPP cadets, arresting party and dinner financiers.



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