The legendary musician Lawi is back; Drops new single “Phukira”

By: Akometsi Showbiz

Born Francis Chris Phiri, aka Lawi, a popular artist locally and internationally is back on the scene with a new single titled “Phukira”.

Phukira was premiered and hit the airwaves accross the Southern Africa region on Sartuday 10th October.

In ‘Phukira‘, Lawi resonates an inspirational message for people to live their dreams and work towards achieving their heart’s desires.

Lawi: phukira hit maker

This is a song of hope and reveals the potential that lies in a seed. This song is beckoning us to awaken the seed within us and allow it to germinate.

Making a statement on his Facebook page Lawi reckons that “this song pays tribute to a popular Malawian folktale of Kam’dothi.”

Phukira literally means to germinate. The song, therefore, speaks to inner souls to germinate from the ground we have fallen on to because of different challenges you may be passing through.

Phukira whispers that our dreams are possible, our dreams are necessary, we simply have to begin where we are.

Phukira, no matter what you are going through you can still germinate.

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