Phyzo blasts jealousy people in Malawi, “you don’t want to see me happy”

By: Jones Chikazunga

Flamboyant self-styled hip-hop musician, Phyzix, has trashed people with hate in his newly released single titled Jealousy.

The track, which was dropped on Monday, has featured Stunner and Stevo; where the former is a Zimbabwean, and the latter a Zambian.

…when they see me doing good/ amapanga jealousy
When they see me making money/ amapanga jealousy
They don’t wanna see me happy/ amapanga jealousy
When they see me doing good/ amapanga jealousy goes the chorus of the song.

In an interview with Akometsi today, Phyzix said the song goes out to all those who are possessed with a hate and jealousy spirit.

“It’s all about everyday life, where in this life of ours, we are surrounded by people with various hearts including that of wishing other people bad always,” explained the Cholapitsa hit maker.

He further said the song has had an overwhelming reception since its dropping, with thousands of listeners on You Tube on daily basis.

“It has been premiered last Monday here in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe respectively, and I am glad the feedback is just massive.”

The track comes barely after few months when the artist, who is also common as Captain Bea, released an EP.

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