Mzuzu based artist, Lick-C to take legal action on ‘Manyi’ saga, labels the act gender based violence

Mzuzu based passionate gender rights activist and prolific singer, Isaac Lick-C Msiska has vowed to proceed with legal actions against Asians who fed Malawian girls with their excreta in the country.

The artist made the revelation in an interview with Akometsi after he saw a trending video that is showing some Asians toileting in the mouths of some Malawian girls.

Reports indicates that the girls braved eating the filth because these Asians promised to give them about $10000(7 million kwacha).

Believed to have been fed waste products

“Even so, but black lives matter. This is disgusting, inhumane and devastating,” fumed Lick-C.

He added: “as Malawians let’s not accept such things to be embraced in our country. We’re poor, yes. But not to the extent of being forced to eat human excreta.”

Lick-C who is, according to his fans, the best vocalist, further expressed dismay at the rate of gender based violence Malawians are suffering from foreigners in the country.

To take legal action : Lick-C

“We’ve cases of these same Asians raping our younger sisters but unfortunately, nothing is happening,” he said. “In the name of money such cases are being concealed. It’s time that we wake up as a nation against such injustices.”

The news that the Asians who are yet to be identified fed Malawian girls with their excreta has been described by many in the country as a human rights issue.

Most Malawians have urged authorities to pursue the issue and bring to book all the culprit involved in the malpractice.

Private practicing lawyer, Johnson Banda, of Angel associates disclosed in an interview that possibilities of filling a case against the feeders of filth are their and legal actions can be taken against them.

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