MBC resumes playing Lucius Banda songs after DPP ‘Nyekhwelized’ his art

Akometsi has noted with interest that the public broadcaster the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation has resumed playing on its radios and beaming on its Television Lucius Banda songs.

In his effort to speak for the poor and the common Malawians, Lucius Banda songs were banned on MBC in 2017. The DPP led government banned all his songs because some of them were directly and constructively criticising the government.

Reacting on his facebook account in 15 March 2017, Lucius observed that “the pain of being an active Malawian citizen … someone just decides to unofficially ban my music, kaya ndikachingati tsopano? why don’t you ban me from paying tax as well? Ndizakasimba kwa mlengi wanga.”

The celebrated artist does not simply use music for entertainment, hence he attained a heroic status for calling a spade by its name. He speaks his political mind freely and blatantly points out the evils of the government.

It is an undeniable fact that the story of Lucius Banda’s music has greatly contributed to the history of this country. Just like the pastoral letters, his songs have been used as a liberation tool since the one party era.

Some of his poweful political songs that will always be remembered by Malawians include Mabala, Son of a poor man, Fifteen fifteen, Crimes, Life, Ceasefire, Down Babylon, Money and Power, How long, Not easy road, Mzimu wa Soldier, Takeover, and Unity among other songs.

Akometsi can reveal that most Malawians are excited with the return of Lucius Banda’s music on MBC. “Me and my family are very happy regardless of his political affiliation he remains the greatest musicians this country has. Denying his songs on MBC is denying Malawians their right to entertainment,” said a minibus driver in Chinsapo-Lilongwe who asked for anonymity.

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