Malawian actress Lily Banda continues to shine in the world class series ‘Deep state’

By: Akometsi Showbiz

Lily Banda is a Malawian singer and actress based in the United Kingdom.

She is well known for her role in a film titled “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” which depicts an inspirational story of William Kamkwamba.

She was the only Malawian actor who was given a major role in Kamkwamba’s film with the likes of Hope Chisanu playing minor roles.

Deep state is a popular British episonage thriller series which is written and created by theatrical iconics Mathew Park Hill and Simon Maxwell.

The season 2 of the series which first broadcasts in the United Kingdom on Fox also airs on DSTV channel 125 and broadcast on Mondays.

She plays Aisha Konate, a Malian woman working as a translator but finds herself deeply rooted in conspiracy.

In Deep State 2, Lily rubs shoulders with Game of Throne’s Joe Dempsie and Damages’ Anastazia Griffin among others.

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