Lemba to release ‘Gomo’ in September

By Blessingz Mtika


Budding music duo “Lemba” is set to release its third song titled “Gomo” in the early days of September, 2020.

‘Gomo’ which means home, is a song that talks about parents wishing their child good things in life as he leaves for greener pastures but reminds him to come back home(Gomo) whenever things do not work out.

Speaking to president of the duo Bright Madela Machilika said a huge percentage of African parents never allow to see their children suffer when leave their place.

“It is a dream of every African parent to see his/her child successful. Therefore they let us leave their houses with blessings and leave the door open in case we want to come back home when things gets sour hence the message in our song,” he said

Concurring with him Lemba’s secretary Chisomo Gideon Banda said Gomo is a song that is relatable which can make listeners to feel they are part of the song.

“Our group’s vision is do music that touch people’s lives. Gomo is a song that will remind people that despite what they may face, they are not homeless. They can go back home and restart”, said Banda.

Lemba is a Lilongwe based group that was formed in 2018 with the aim of passing information relating to life through music. It so far has two songs to its name “show me love” and “Still love you the same”.


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