Kalawe tears FDH Bank ambassador Namadingo apart, “he is abusing his fame”, calls #Justice4Nkhanga

The Dzuka Malawi singer, Afana Agobo Kalawe has become the first celebrity to speak against FDH Bank ambassador Patience Namadingo on his fight with Charles Nkhanga over Gides Chalamanda.

Akometsi understands that Namadingo is accusing Nkhanga of duping Gides Chalamanda and trying to destroy his image. This prompted him to take actions which have been described as “madness” by Kalawe.

Read Kalawe’s thoughts below:

I have never hidden my admiration for this young man, Patience Namadingo. However, lately he is allowing his love to always be the trendy subject overtake his intellect and moral standing. This is making me sad.

Below is a sequence of events that happened recently regarding him and a Mr. Charles Nkhanga (be the judge):

  1. Patience, the genuine philanthropist, as we know him, made a brilliant decision to help Giddes. He was going empower him in business by building a shop for him.
  2. As usual he made his decision known to the public through a video and we,including myself, celebrated him
  3. A month or so later, Mr Charles visited Giddes. He noted that Giddes’s house was dilapidated and that it needed renovation. The pictures of the house were shared and I honestly think he was right.
  4. Charles arranged an interview with MIJ FM where Giddes was on air explaining the struggles of his daily life. They called for help and people were sending little “somethings”.
  5. This did not go well with Namadingo who took Charles’s actions to mean that Patience did not help Giddes enough. I wonder if he thought that what he did for Giddes entirely solved ALL his problems
  6. He made a video where he accused Charles of collecting up to 500,000 kwacha but only gave 20,000 kwacha to Giddes. I have delt with Malawians before, at that point I vehemently said its no way he collected anything above 30,000 kwacha. In the video he asked Charles very stupid questions and branded him as a thief and an imbicile. So unfair.
  7. A day later he got Charles arrested. Charles spent about close to a week in prison.
  8. The police asked a mobile service provider to provide a record of what was collected through the money transfers. This was supposed to be the first thing for Namadingo to do before he made any accusation.
  9. It was established that Charles collected 28,000 kwacha and that that whole amount was given to the beneficiary.
  10. Then Patience released another video shaming Charles in front of the Chalamanda family. Still calling him a mad man for not seeking his permission before assisting Giddes.

Every single step of the way, we his fans, were clapping for this madness. Comments like “Charles must rot in jail”, for what? “A Namadingo ndinu a dolo”. Malawian fans feel so inferior to celebrities they can’t stand to defend justice.

The guy already spent nights in jail for a crime he did not commit and now this. 😭 Anyone who ever spent a night in jail knows what this means. And are you even considering Charles’s career and how this may affect his job.😭

Without taking away the many things he does, which I appreciate, I feel like this was unfair and an abuse of his celebrity status. I don’t condone injustice…. #JusticeForNkhanga

Slams Namadingo: Kalawe

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