In the shoes of Grace: Miracle Chinga releases debut album, Mwapambana

The young gospel artist Miracle Chinga who is the second born daughter to the late song bird, Grace Chinga, has released her first ever album titled “Mwapambana.”

The ten track album which has been produced by DJ Lobodo at Lobodo records features songs like Mwapambana, Mchipululu, Ndife mfulu, Chilengedwe Changa and Tilire, among others.

Miracle Chinga first came to the limelight with singles like Hossanah Ndiyemwe uja, and Anandilenga Mwaluso which features Steve Spesho.

Mwapambana will be Miracle Chinga’s first album since the death of her Mother. She has mostly been performing her Mothers songs during music shows.

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