Gospel star Nimix in a class of his own

South African based Nigerian multi-talented artist, Ojimi Abraham Ejigbo who is well known by his stage name Nimix has taken the social media by storm after producing a visual comedy which is aimed at researching on the know how of people with Corona Virus.

The 31 year old is the brain behind the video named Do you know somebody who knows somebody with Corona Virus which was uploaded on Tiktok got more than 6 million views on social media which reacted to the topic.

The response from the audience earned Nimix airplay on BBC focus on Africa where he went into detail on what motivated him to come up with the visual comedy.

The BSc in Accounting holder from Kogi state University who is also a gospel urban contemporary musician, songwriter, producer, pianist and director says he grew up as a child with the love for music and he owes all the success to his parents.

“I’ve always had love for music and it was my parents who first identified the gift of music in me and they fiercely protected and molded that seed,” said Nimix

The versatile artist jumped on the music industry ship in 2014 when he released his debut single “Halle”.

He unique style of music which he considers to be a tool to change lives appeals to both young and old.

The self taught producer has one album under his belt which he released in 2019, the album is titled Kilimanjaro the album which received a massive response from his zealots around the world.

Nimix has a most versatile artist award to his credit from one of South Africa’s most revered legends awards.

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