Sex worker shares COVID survival experience

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By Our staff writer

Disregard claims that corona virus was designed to wipe out only the greedy and flamboyant rich people. Believers, non-believers and even commercial leisure consultants can suffer and even succumb to this deadly virus.

Akometsi had a rare chance on Thursday, to talk to one of the commercial sex workers who has, by the sheer grace of God, recovered from the fangs of death, having been diagnosed of the deadly pandemic some months ago.

The leisure consultant who confessed to our reporter that she never took heed or believed in all public health awareness’s suspects to have contracted the virus from one of her foreign clients at a night club in Mzuzu.

“I felt very sick and went to the hospital where after testing my temperature they sent me to an isolation room where they took samples from my mucus,” said the self-employer.

Tough life on the streets weathering the pandemic

She added: “it took some hours before they told me I’d tested positive for corona virus. I couldn’t believe them and I ranted at the doctors.”

The medics, according to the bed-work expert, managed to counsel her and after a long time of her rejection, she realized that the caring health workers were candid on everything they had told her.

“They gave me a bed in the isolation room,” she said. “Fear clouded my mind and I felt numb. I knew, I was about to die.”

Added the sex trader: “stories I’d heard about the virus were distressing. People used to say, once you catch it, you die. I was very afraid. I didn’t want to die.”

The thirty year old woman, in description of her experience of corona virus, said, it is a very deadly disease she had ever suffered in her entire life.

“The way this virus suffocates and make it impossible to breath made me underrate all other respiratory diseases,” she claimed. “You feel chest pains, fever and severe headache and your lungs feels like blocked.”

Kudyera kulimba: Night life in the jaws of the Corona virus

The sex consultant who hailed all the health workers at Mzuzu Central hospital for their tireless care they rendered to her and other patients, urged authorities in the health sector to consider hiking salaries of all health workers in Malawi considering all the work they get to do.

“One of the clinicians who was caring for me contracted the virus. I must say, those people work in risky environments and deserves handsome remunerations,” she urged.

Akometsi understands that at Mzuzu Central hospital about 78 health workers tested positive for corona virus.

Though, before publishing this article, all the 78 had recovered but were, just as the sex worker in this article, complaining of suffering discrimination.

“One thing about the virus is that one does not fully recover from its adverse effects,” said the leisure consultant. “You only recover from the ailments but thereafter face discrimination.”

According to one of the recovered medic who spoke to akometsi, his relatives are not loving him as they used to do before he suffered from the virus.

“They discriminate against me and I live in solitude and it’s a boring life,” he said.

Psychologists, however, urges people not to be sidelining people who have recovered from the virus because after the ailment, they usually, require support and counseling so that the regain their hope for life.

Life on the streets for sex workers has been tough considering their trade has become highly risky in this pandemic on topic of all the other risks already associated in this line of business. Some are still getting out in the streets for pure survival because they have nothing to replace their source of income.  The covid-19 awareness campaigns need to be taken to the streets to educate to such groups of people and also offering them other options of source of income.


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