Local ICT firm develops Covid-19 Tracker

As the battle against Covid-19 rages on, a local ICT company has developed an Android Application that is designed to help fight the deadly pandemic.

The Application’s name is Umoyo, and the name of the developer is Kawawa Digital Solutions.

Akometsi caught up with Victor Bema who is the Operations Director for the company.

He said as a firm that works in IT industry, they understand the critical role technology can play and positively contribute to the fight against the infection, of both the public and clinicians.

“Technology is pivotal in the fight in as far as this deadly pandemic is concerned”

“Among others, the App also gives clinicians the ability to track trends and monitor changes on known cases, helping them to quickly devise or adjust their services using scientific data outcomes,” explained Bema.

Bema also made mention Blantyre District Health Office has knowledge of the same, saying the office also gotten excited with it.

According to him, the Umoyo App is already functional, and that “it is humbling and overwhelming to see over 4 million users across.”

While pledging to continue adding more other important features to the App, Bema also appealed to companies and stakeholders to join them hands and render financial support so as the fight against the disease is winnable.

Some of the features of the App include Ate, Contact Tracing and Virus Tracker among others.

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