Lawyers Mask Task Force donate to prison

Lawyers have donated 2200 masks to chichiri prison to protect both prisoners and staff from Covid 19 as cases are rising in Prisons around Malawi.

Chairperson for Malawi lawyers Mask task force Wellington Kazembe expressed his concern saying inmates are the most vulnerable group in the society.

“Inmates are one such group of vulnerable members of the society. It is in view this that we decided to donate face masks at Chichiri Prison so that both members of staff and inmates are protected,” said Kazembe.

Speaking on the development, prison Chaplain Brian Kondowe said the donation will help both inmates and the staff to fight covid 19.

As of last Wednesday, Malawi prison service had registered a total number of 107 cases with 71 being at Chichiri, 29 at Nkhatabay, 6 at Maula and 1 recovered case at Mzimba prison.

Malawi lawyers mask task force was formed to source out personal protective equipment for groups that can not afford them.

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