K-Motors to donate ambulance in Chitipa

By Blessings Mtika.

K-Motors through their partner Patience Namadingo have promised the people of Chendo Village in Chitipa to give them an ambulance in four months which will help them with transportation when it comes to referrals.

Speaking at a motorbike handover ceremony Namadingo revealed about the talk he had with Mansoor Sherif Karim of K Motors regarding their interest in helping the people of Chendo within a period of 4 months.

“For the government to bring you an ambulance it will take time. So we had a small meeting and we have resolved that in 4 months time you will have an ambulance to take you especially women that are expecting to the main hospital”, said Namadingo.

One of the ambulances fixed by K-Motors

The development rose when the healthy personnel pointed out that patients from his catchment area walk 58 kilometers to get medical attention when sick. He further said even public transportation is not easy at Chendo as the roads are most of the time in bad conditions.

K-motors is a motor vehicle company which recently offered to fix 12 non-working or grounded ambulances across Malawi for free. As of now, it has already fixed one in Chikwawa which was delivered on 2nd September, 2020.

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