Dedza District Hospital taps run dry for weeks

Life at Dedza District Hospital is currently tough as patients and guardians have now clocked two consecutive weeks without drawing water on the institution’s taps.

Some of the guardians who have opted for anonymity say life is not easy with this problem, saying most of them are hardly cooking, and failing to even bath for several days.

“We are now relying on nearest villages as our source of water, wells that is. We are even hardly cooking and bathing. Water is indeed life,” complained one elderly woman.

Hospital officials at the institution have also confirmed the development to the media.

Akometsi is yet to hear from staff at Central Region Water Board, but investigations reveal pipe blockages is, among others, one of the causative agents of the matter.

Meanwhile, Karonga District Hospital has also a related challenge as the institution has a bill worth millions of kwachas to Northern Region Water Board following its failure to settle the accumulations for a long time.

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