Clinical interns demand 450 million kwacha from ministry of health

Conflicting and confusing information emerging at the ministry of health indicates that clinical interns were roped in without following required procedures and the treasury is not aware of their existence in the system.

This is happening in the face of an intense battle that has ensued between the ministry of health and the clinical interns over accumulated arrears amounting to 450 million kwacha.

Information made available to akometsi indicates that the in a race to contain corona virus, the previous government beefed up its health workforce by recruiting 450 additional frontline health workers on internship basis.

Representing interns : Mumba

The ministry promised, apart from salaries, risk allowances to these health workers who have not been receiving their packages since March.

“We’ve been hoping from one office to another in a sheer quest for an address to our concerns because, we’ve not been getting our packages since we were recruited,” said Bright Mumba, representative of all intern who schooled at ekwendeni college of health sciences.

In their later dated July 10,2020 addressed to the ministry of health, which the principal secretary in the ministry of health Dr.Dan Namalika acknowledged receipt, the interns voiced their concerns and pleaded with the powers responsible to step in urgently in addressing their grievances.

“Nothing transpired from that. They just sat on it. This forced us to mull over another step,” added Mumba.

The different approach saw them searching heavens and hell for the numbers of everyone they deemed worthy orchestrating the addressing of their quandaries.

“We spoke to the new minister who gave us force hope. Daudi Sulemani likewise promised more but till today, nothing comes up,” said James, another intern.

While all this is happening, one of the interns was tested positive for corona virus and is, owing to luck of financial support, starving at an institutional quarantine at chitipa hospital.

When akometsi followed up on the issue, publicist in the ministry of health, Joshua Malango acknowledged his awareness on the issue but he simply said that his ministry handed over the issue to the ministry of financial.

The response was not satisfactory for the devastated interns who sent for an audience with the principal secretary in their line ministry, Dr. Dan Namalika who, reportedly, snubbed them.

Meanwhile, the interns have threatened to suspend their services if their demands Will not be addressed immediately.

This is happening at a time corona virus cases are escalating in the country.

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