Tobacco farmer demands proceeds back from musician Smacks Kaira

Staff Writer.

A tobacco farmer from Bolero in Rumphi is questing for the whereabouts of prodigy musician, Smacks Kaira to demand his tobacco proceeds amounting to about MK500, 000.

According to the farmer, Smacks Kaira wooed him, through his latest tune “Mkamwana” to spend, at a drinking spree, all the proceeds he got from tobacco sells.

“The song took me back to my wedding day. I got too much into it. I danced. Drunk and bought beer for everyone who had thirst for it. Before I knew it. All the MK500, 000 was gone,” accounted the renowned farmer.

Only identified as Dokiso Gondwe, the fierce drunkard, farmer and retired teacher in describing the art in Smacks, he emphasized that should he meet with the Malawian Diamond, he will advise him to curtail his creativity or lest he depletes all resources from fanatics of real music.

“If we had more like Smacks or what do you call him. We, lovers of quality music, would die without anything. He is too much. I’m looking for him. Should you find him tell him, he made me spend everything I got from tobacco proceeds this year because of his intoxicating song,” said Gondwe.

Smacks Kaira dropped his “Mkamwana” song recently and is already becoming, by imbibers demand, a torture to duke box speakers in all drinking joints across Rumphi district.

A visit in most drinking joints, established that bartenders repeat the song for the whole day because, according to them, the song attracts boozers more than sex workers do.


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