Sasha ditches gospel music for secular


By Duncan Kaonga

It is common hearing of popular secular musical artists returning to their Christian faith (becoming born again) to serve God through their music but now here is Edina Mulenga who trades by name Sasha doing the opposite by ditching gospel music for the secular fit.

The United Kingdom based artist who has so far already released a secular song says she felt out of place doing gospel music considering her lifestyle.

“I have decided to quit gospel music because after deeply looking at my life style it doesn’t concur with what I preach in my songs so this is the reason I want to concentrate on secular music where I can be free from critics,” said Sasha

Sasha added that despite receiving mixed reactions from the public life has to go on.

Sasha: Seeking “freedom” in her trade


“A lot of people have turned against my decision but what I believe is that a gospel artist must walk the talk of the messages preached in the songs and no two ways about it, people have to respect my decision to do the music I want to perform,” she said.

In her latest song the charming artist talks of a girl who has had enough of dating with wrong guys and she finally wants to settle down with a man who is willing to promise not to play games with her heart but keep her safe for life.

The artist who started doing music at a tender age of 15, says she was influenced by Zambian female artist Mampi.

In Malawi, we have seen a lot of popular secular artists leaving their trade to do gospel music like Gwamba, Onesmus, Mlaka Maliro, Evance Mereka, Ethel Kamwendo Banda and more others.


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