PhD saga: Zikhale insults Professor Danwood, ‘he is a narcissist, fake, never won a case, not a professor’

The issue of fake PhD has taken a vitriol turn with politician Zikhale Ng’oma attacking Professor Danwood Chirwa for question his doctorate degree.

Chirwa and Zikhale come from the same Chifira Village in Chintheche, Nkhata Bay.

On Sunday, Chirwa went to social media, attacked Zikhale as someone not respected among the most educated people in their village.

He further challenged Zikhale to come out and tell the public how he got his doctorate degree.

In response, Zikhale made a scathing on Chirwa, saying he knows him as someone who worked for Savjan and Company and when he failed to win cases, he ran away abroad.

Chirwa is currently a professor of law at University of Cape Town.

Zikhale further wondered how Chirwa became a professor, adding: “You are a blamer, a narcissistic who has an inflated sense of self. I don’t believe I can call you Professor Danwood Chirwa, because you are not genuine but fake.”

Zikhale blamed Chirwa as a person who is trying to manipulate Malawians and people from your village to make his way through, adding that most people lost trust in him.

“I know as your relation that you are suffering from inferiority complex, you have not succeeded in life and have no house at home and your relatives are relinquishing in poverty-stricken type of life, a man without purpose in life,” he wrote.

Zikhale has since challenged Chirwa to return, if he is genuine, and make such challenges in Malawi.

The politician authenticated his PhD, saying he got it from Columbia Commonwealth University which is accredited by Malawi Government.

He added that he was taught by well-educated lecturers from several universities in Malawi such as Chancellor College, Bunda (LUANAR), the Polytechnic and some international lecturers from USA, Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania.

Meanwhile, Professor Chirwa has responded:

“I duly acknowledge receipt of a substantive reply to the invitation I made yesterday to my village mate ada Ng’oma a Zikhali. Ndaonga ada( Thank you Man). I can confirm something I didn’t dispute: he’s a true Tonga. Ndeu tithawa cha( we don’t avoid fights). Mwa, mbali, vitanthali vosi visere pa ndeu ya chitonga( my relatives, in Tonga battles, all plate stands should be unpinned). Ini ndikutema masanganavu nga mazira nyundu( as for me, I am strong, as strong as a sting of a bee), anyangu panyaki akutema kalimagozga (maybe my friend is strong like a kalimogozga|no translation|),” reads the statement.

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