Namadingo Vs Kalawe, UTM Vs MCP teams in Phalombe ‘TsekeTseke’ round up

Its not Friday, yet, but Akometsi gives you a round up on issues that made headlines and touched the hearts over this week.

Wrecking havoc has been the Phalombe talk in which a man, 35 year old virgin died on top during a paid session with a sex worker.

This has led to Phalombe being a talk of the town district.

“Meaning tilibe anzathu aku Phalombe oti atichuneko nafe? Mukuona ngati ife situzifuna zokometsazo? Osamachita nazo umbombo pilizi!” – Posted Ida Chicker Chabs.

Enough of Phalombe, may his soul rest in peace. He died a happy and relived man.

Harsh reality was when Afana Agobo Kalawe, the one hit wonder (although he says 2, including the Major Sanagive rolex winning song) was on Namadingo neck for lying to public about one Charles Nkhanga who organized that people help Gides Chalamanda.

It is believed that Namadingo feels entitled to the old man and when Nkhanga did what he did, NamaTV went into investigation and found out that the man collected over half a million kwacha but gave a Giddy K20,000 only.

Well, that was NamaTV investigations. Court findings after getting transactions from TNM found out they only received K28,000. This happened after the man had been arrested and spent a week in the cooler. Following Kalawe’s generosity, Namadingo removed the Investigation Report.

By the way, Kell Kay is getting married soon. Not that we care, but we wish him well. Handsome is gone.

There has also been a battle of Media teams between MCP and UTM. Cover the Boss.

This has not gone down well with most people on social media who have condemned the act and call on both sides to “grow up”.

Enjoy this post of the week by Luke Mkandawire, UTM’s Director of Youth for the Central Region:

The youth be ready. The youth and women are the primary target. Get organised, National ID check, business plan check, tiyeni titakate.

Simnyamata aliyense angalembedwe ntchito, with brilliant ideas, entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy, and vision inuyo mukhoza kukhala bwana nkulemba wena ntchito.

The government’s role is just to create an enabling environment for youth economic development and growth. Kwinako tiyeni titakate basi. Remember its a revolving Fund.

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