MP “kills” the queen’s language in an intervew: “I was won by ticket independent”

Our reporter

Ramazan Mahomed, Member of Parliament (MP) for Nsanje South has become a laughing stock with his broken English that has been witnessed today during an interview with a journalist.

The MP was recorded in the interview during a ceremony that saw him being welcomed to MCP.

“That time I was won by ticket ‘independent’, now am going to work with together Tonse Alliance because MCP we have a lot of manifesto and I agree for manifesto,” Mahomed is heard speaking that way in an a trending audio making rounds on social media.

As if that is not enough, the lawmaker went on to crack people’s ribs with laughter.

“…Aaa… coz…here, eemm, MCP, we are ready to tell the people, and me I sit ‘downt’ with the three T/As; Chimombo, Ndamela and Nyachikadza. They are saying go to the work together with MCP. That’s why I go there because of development.”

“On my side we don’t have a problem because there they have another people to work with MCP, and I go there because of… to develop that’s why unity it’s no problem to me. We work together with MCP.”

This has ignited debate in various social media platforms as it is not the first time a parliamentarian is found breathing through armpits with the language.

Some quarters suggest it is high time parliament deliberations should start be tackled in vernacular.

Others are also of the view that time is here now that laws are reviewed that any individual varying for the seat should

at least possess a tertiary qualification.

Until today, any person with an MSCE qualification is regarded as fit enough to contest for the seat.


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