Gossip: Blantyre Slay Queen stranded in LL after satisfying Tonse blessers

Some Lilongwe based Tonse alliance cronies were left with in agape and raised eyebrows after being overwhelmed by the mastery of bed work demonstrated to them by a slay Queen who they hired from Blantyre on Sunday.

The stately beautiful queen who, according the the blessers led by one Cliford had enough fresh in the right place and the mastery of bed work because she really knew how to be irresistible to his clients.

“No matter how cold your blood would be, this young lady knew how to heat it up,” said one of the five Tonse alliance blessers.

The slay mama who is said to be renowned in Blantyre offers, according to the guys, five star services but at a very negotiated rates.

Ironically, after she had treated the Tonse alliance cronies to some very charismatic services things went against the grains.

A screen grab of the messages by the Tasha and her Cliford

According to screenshots akometsi have seen, the blessers had no money to pay her for transport and labour.

In an interview, Tasha confided in akometsi that she was invited to Lilongwe area 25 by one of the five guys who as per agreement, promised her that she was the only one who had lust that required quenching services from her.

“But when I visited they guy, he invited his other four friends,” said Tasha. “At first, I thought they’d come for downing only alcohol but things twisted after they announce they will all need my services.”

She added: “they then unanimously began taking multiple turns on me, one after another. I must say, I handled them well according to their feedback.”

Nonetheless, having satisfied the gangbang, Tasha was left in destitution as she had no money for transport back to Blantyre.

“They just fooled me,” she whined.

Tonse alliance are described in the inner circles of slay queens as the most thrifty and parsimonious blessers Malawi has ever had unlike the DPP flashy blessers who were splashing them with a lot of money and other gifts.

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