DPP MP Noel Lipipa urges government to have no mercy on all corrupt individuals

Noel Lipipa, Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South has called on the current administration not to have mercy when prosecuting all people involved in corruption syndicates.

Lipipa who is on the seat under DPP ticket says Malawians from all walks of life, him inclusive, have clearly shown their displeasure against the vice.

He went on to say that endemic corruption is a threat to the economic growth, political stability and social cohesion.

“There is need to enforce deterrent measures like lengthy prison terms for offenders alongside seizure of assets illegally acquired,” Lipipa said without beating about the bush.

As if that is not enough, he kept on biting by saying that social cost of corruption in this country is incalculable, saying “it has emptied our moral contents, hemorrhaged our economy, corroded and undermined our politics.”

He also suggests that there is great need to separate party from government, saying those involved in the vice are mostly public servants as opposed to party members.

He therefore clapped hands for ACB and the Chakwera-Chilima leadership for the battle, and tipped them to spare no one in their quest to eradicate corruption.

This is not the first time Lipipa is becoming controversial with such sentiments as he was also caught in an audio recently distancing himself from any wrong doings as a DPP member, and in the threatening to expose all perpetrators.

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