DPP Cadet who lied to wife that he was jailed in 2012 has been living with girlfriend for 8 years

A DPP Cadet Aubrey Maloya from Thekerani Thyolo who lied to his wife in 2012 that he had been arrested and sentenced 10 years to prison has been discovered last week in Nsanje where he has been living with girlfriend for 8 years.

Akometsi.com understands that Aubrey was a devoted DPP supporter from the remote village in Thyolo who was used for party violent missions and when DPP’s Bingu Mutharika died, he had left Thekerani for Bangula, Nsanje where he said was going on a party mission.

According to his brother who spoke to Akometsi.com, Aubrey told his family that he was going to Bangula in Nsanje with other cadets on a mission but never returned, only to call later that he had been arrested and was to serve jail in Chikwawa.

However, he warned them not visit to avoid being arrested but assured his wife that she would be taken care of by party officials. And since then, he had been sending them support through mobile money.

Fishing is good in Nsanje

“He told his wife who told all of us that he was arrested and he told us not to go see him because they were waiting to arrest all of us. He told his friends to go into hiding too and most of them stayed in the bushes for some months before coming out to resume a normal life,” said Clement Maloya, brother to Aubrey.

The family stayed in the dark for years until recently when a construction foreman from Thyolo working in Nsanje identified him and notified the family which sent representatives to see for themselves.

Aubrey now has 3 children with girlfriend on top on 2 others with his main wife. He has since refused to go back to Thyolo claiming he found ‘Canaan’ through fishing business in Nsanje and says wants nothing to do with Cadetism, a popular undertaking in his village.

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