Donkey kills man for wearing face mask

By: Akometsi

A 40-year-old man has died in Dedza after he was attacked by a donkey, for the man worn a face mask and caps that were all black in color.

The deceased’s name is Solijala Matiyasi, and information gathered by our publication indicates he died from kicks of the horse.

The incident happened yesterday in Chingwenje village, and village headman Chingwenje has confirmed the incident.

On the material day, the man was on his way from his friend’s house where he went to play bawo.

Upon his return, the animal saw him, and facts are that these animals hate zinyau, and that Matiyasi was mistaken for that.

Then, the animal attacked the man by kicking him down, tramping him on the chest, severely injuring him in the process.

He died on the spot.

Solijala hailed from Chingwenje village, T//A Kaphuka in the district.

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