Chikangawa Forest decoration at the Ministry of Finance, Social Media commets

Social media has been awash with jabs aimed at the decoration in the Ministry of Finance during a reforms meeting between the ministry and vice president Chilima.

The decoration, full of flowers and trees attracted weigh ins from the social media fraternity.

“Someone is making money out of those flowers. These things have been deeply entrenched in people and will be difficult to stop. Its the people down here that do that. The leaders also don’t ask. It looks like a tradition or a way of doing things and hidden in it is the people that chew money out of it. You will be surprised that this kind of flower arrangement costs K3m. And you will find there is chain of 10 people chopping that money,” commented Tiwonge Nyirenda.

See more reactions below as grabbed from Onjezani Kenani’s post.

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