Bride runs away from honeymoon leaving an unsatisfied groom and loans

Search has been launched on a bride who has reportedly gone missing at a honeymoon camp in Karonga.

The bride who has been identified as Uchindami Tchawaka is said to have left at Lakeview cottage a night after their wedding last Saturday.

Informants have confided that Tchawaka had left her groom Joseph Ziloya sleeping when she escaped from the matrimonial room.

When Akometsi tried to follow up the issue with the groom, he declined to comment but warned against publication of his photos on any news site.

Separate findings indicates that the bride might have decided to run away because their wedding made loses due to low attendance.

According to close sources, the bride borrowed the money for the wedding budget from some Katapila men on strict agreement that she would pay back the funds soon after the wedding.

“Conversely, the wedding didn’t make alot of money due to corona virus guidelines which restricts gatherings,” said the source on strict condition of anonymity.

She added: “the bride had incurred a lot of debts ranging from transport to decorations and DJ. The money they got was spent on paying other things like location.”

According to the source, the wedding got only MK200,000 out of a thunderous investment of about MK1,000,000.

“They agreed that the groom would pay for honeymoon costs and food plus other logistics while the bride was to pay for the remaining costs,” added the source.

Meanwhile, revelations show that the bride had escaped to repay about MK390,000 she owes katapila men.

The issue has since been reported to Chiweta police unit for investigation and launch of searching.

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