“Body of Christ” gets stolen at Mangochi Diocese


Holy Eucharist which catholics believe is the body of Christ has been stolen at Poverelle kankao parish by thieves who broke into a place where nuns stay.

According to the letter signed by RT Rv Monfort Stima Holy Eucharist was stolen along with laptops, bags and money on Sunday 30th August, 2020.

Due to this unfortunate event, he has asked all catholics to engage into Novena which are special prayers to start on 14 September to end on 22 September.

He further indicated that brothers and nuns are asked to start on 7th September, 2020 which is a week earlier to ask for forgiveness from Jesus Christ and also that the thieves get caught.

In addition, he requested the members to keep praying for nuns at Poverelle Konkao parish as they are going through trying times

This is the first time that thieves breaks into a church or a nuns place and steal the body of Christ.

The letter from Montfort Stima
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