Bizarre: 17 ladies set to block a womanizer’s wedding officiation in Blantyre

This is something that would easily appear to most as a play, folktale, or a Nigerian movie. Well, it is not. It is a real story. About 17 ladies in Blantyre have ganged up and threatened to stop an engagement ceremony set for the 5th of September 2020 at Blantyre girls, claiming they also have affairs with the groom.

The engagement is of a man identified as Andy who intends to marry Royce. Andy is a resident of Ndirande Township.

Reports indicate that the man is a soulless skirt chaser, and in the search for a right life partner he has been in multiple affairs with various ladies, promising marriage to each of them.

This time around, this ruthless womanizer has decided to get settled and exchange vows with a certain very lucky lady identified as Royce.

As the saying goes, “there is no secret under the sun”, all the other 17 women got the winds of the pending exchange of vows of the man they all thought was only theirs.

They later ganged up and have threatened to block the engagement’s activities including officiation and reception.

Meanwhile, a WhatsApp conversation is seen circulating, showing the fiancée to the man denouncing her commitment to him, and she is opting for the cancellation of the wedding.

A humble advice from Akometsi to Andy is that “please brother, you need tight security for this traditional ceremony to proceed, hire the whole barracks.”

Why Andy, WHY??????

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