Afraid of dying: Minibus Driver divorces wife for being too sweet

Following an incident which happened in Phalomba last week where a man died on top of a woman for failing to contain the excitement, a famous Minibus Driver in Mangochi identified as Cassim has left his wife for being too sweet.

Akometsi picked up the story from the Facebook inbox and verified with sources in Mangochi where Cassim is well known minibus driver who married last month but has reportedly abandoned marriage because the woman is too sweet in bed.

A source to the couple told Akometsi that ever since getting married, Cassim had been acting funny, among other things being smiling and laughing to himself for no reason.

It is reported that when the incident in Mwanza happened, he become afraid, feeling it might happen to him because of how the wife handles him in bed. This led to the decision of breaking up marriage.

The friend also explained that other people fear the man might simply be going mad and should seek medical help.

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