A 35 year old virgin dies during sex with sex-worker in Phalombe, his last words were “Zikukoma!”

In Phalombe, a 35 year old virgin has died while having sex with a sex worker due to sweetness. Phalombe Police has confirmed, while indicating that the incident occurred on Monday in the evening hours at Kaduya village, Senior Chief Kaduya in the district.

The deceased, identified as Charles Majawa is said to have been a virgin at 35 and decided that 2020 was his year to try the forbidden fruit so he hooked up with one of the most sought after sex worker within the trading center and booked a room to launch his libido.

According to information made available to Akometsi, Majawa told the sex worker that he was a virgin and looked forward to an experience of a life time. This prompted the sex-worker to offer a 5 star sexual performance reserved only for her consistent and well paying clients at the trading centre.

Reports indicate that the session was all good until it was time for Majawa water the plants. He shouted repeatedly on top of his voice that, “Zikukoma! (Its delicious) and before he could finish the last drop of his milk, he collapsed.

The sex worker notified her friends about the tragedy and later reported the matter to police. The police and medical practitioner from Migowi Health Center viewed the body and confirmed Majawa’s death. The postmortem revealed that death was due to excessive orgasm which caused blood vessels in the brain to rapture. The police also ruled out any foul play in the death and the sex worker was released, but she is said to be in shock with what happened and has since changed trading places.

Meanwhile the deceased body has since been taken to his home village for burial. Majawa hailed from Matepwe Village, Senior Chief Kaduya in Phalombe District.

Reported by Sergeant Innocent Moses, PRO, Phalombe Police station. Additional Reporting by: Akometsi Desk.

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