“I wanted people to fully enjoy Ndidzasangalala before I come up with other tracks” Rash-Ley

By: Jones Chikazunga

Blantyre-based R’n’B and Afro-pop singer Rash-Ley has come out to elaborate why he has taken longer to come up with other songs, clarifying he wanted to give enough time for maximum enjoyment of his hit Ndidzasangalala.

Rash-Ley, real name Happy Jumbe, said he has now risen up to produce more tunes that will see people appreciating his artistry.

Since the release of Ndidzasangalala, four months ago, people have had questions whether Rash-Ley just knocked the door and went.

“Some have even suggested that I am under presure to maintain my name with a consistent follow up single” Said Jumbe.

“Nevertheless, those are just public views and I respect them. But, the truth of the matter is I have never taken any break as an artist, and neither did I have pressure,” explained Rash-Ley.

He added on to say “I have been working on my art as always, only that my management had to give the audience enough time to enjoy Ndidzasangalala before the release of other songs.”

The artist also said he is having several singles that are pending release, and that now presure is on his Management on choosing what to let go first.

It is the time now the artist let the cat out of the bag, revealing of coming of his new track titled Norah

“To end the politics,

“I now can confirm to the public that Norah is my forthcoming single set to be released and premiered on September 26, this coming Saturday, inside Born n Bred on Radio 2 FM, and will be available at the same time on Malawi Music website for streaming and download.” Said Jumbe.

He concluded to say “as Rash-Ley, I have to assure the public that I am ready for any project and I have so far recorded enough songs for an album only that I am working at Managerial pace which is making sure, everything, including production of my music is superb.”

The artist has become a household name with his beautifully done Ndidzasangalala, a song that has terrorized the industry along with its video.

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