Gravity drops “Umunthu,” an upper class hip-pop abulm

By: Akometsi Showbiz

Ishmael Nxjewlsh Ntenje has collaborated with Pilirani Kumasewera to form a group called Gravity which has dropped an upper class Malawian hip-pop album “Umunthu.”

The 13 track abulm by the duo carries the theme of human behaviour. It reveals, rebukes, and seeks to correct some society ills among the youth.

List of songs for Umunthu album

Speaking to Akometsi Ishmael disclosed that all the breath taking tracks in the abulm were recorded locally at Audio Lab studios in Zomba and Sneaky Virus.

The album which was premiered on 28th September features songs like Umunthu, Hushed voices, Nthawi, Yendabe, Ntchezo, Auzeniko and is currently enjoying airwaves on radio stations locally and internationally.

Ishmael Ntenje is not a new name in the industry, he was a name to reckon with a decade ago when he dropped a hit song in 2008 titled “Tiwechete Chiyao” when he was a student at Chancellor College.

Gravity are yet to set up a tour accross the country to officially launch their abulm.

In an interview with Akometsi, Ishmael also revealed that Malawians should be on the look out for powerful music videos that will hit Television stations in the near future.

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